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McAfee Internet Security
McAfee Internet Security
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McAfee Total Protection
McAfee Total Protection
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McAfee Premium
McAfee Premium
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McAfee Advanced
McAfee Advanced
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Windows - macOS - Android - iOS - ChromeOS
Protection against viruses, malware & ransomware
Intrusion firewall
Web protection, payments, banking transactions
Password Manager
Identity protection
Parental Control
(Family version only)
(Family version only)
Account analysis and online information
Support for identity restoration
Help in case of wallet theft


AV Test Top Product 08 2023
AV Comparatives Real World Protection Nov 2023
SE Labs AAA Home Endpoint Security Juil Sept 2023
AV Test Award Best Protection McAfee Total Protection 2022
PC Mag Editors Choice 33 Time Winner
Security Solution Illustration

McAfee Total Protection is an all-in-one security solution for protecting your personal information and privacy, so you can enjoy life online without fear of malicious code, ransomware, hackers and other forms of potential threats.

The suite includes premium antivirus, safe browsing, identity monitoring and secure VPN for all your devices - computers, tablets and smartphones.

Award-winning antivirus illustration
Award-winning antivirus

With more than 1.3 billion pieces of malicious code reported and millions more added every month (source: AV-test.org), it's essential to have the best protection available to keep up with the changing nature and complexity of threats. McAfee Total Protection uses a variety of strategies such as behavioural detection and machine learning to detect, isolate and eliminate all known malware (viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, etc.) and even zero-day digital threats (previously unknown threats) to ensure your online security.

Intrusion firewall

McAfee Total Protection includes an advanced firewall to secure your home networks, including wireless networks. It filters and examines the information coming to you through your Internet connection. This first line of defence prevents malware or attackers from accessing your network and information before they can do any potential damage.

Firewall illustration
Web protection / anti-phishing

You've probably already received an SMS congratulating you on a competition you never entered, or an e-mail from your bank, Internet service provider or energy supplier about a supposedly unpaid bill. These types of messages are examples of phishing, a scam tactic used by cybercriminals to trick you into carrying out a transaction that looks legitimate but actually allows them to retrieve your identification or credit card details via a fake site. The built-in protection in McAfee Total Protection will help you avoid malicious websites with clear warnings that identify risky websites, links and file downloads.

Unlimited VPN

The Safe Connect module in McAfee Total Protection is an unlimited VPN that automatically activates on unsecured networks (e.g. Wifi in a public place). It offers encryption equal to that of the banking system in order to protect your data with the same technology used by banks. It provides anonymous browsing so you can use the Internet with confidence and be protected from advertisers and prying eyes. Your online activities remain completely private.

VPN illustration
Identity theft illustration
Monitoring against identity theft

The most common form of identity theft is financial identity theft, which refers to any type of theft in which someone uses another person's information for financial purposes (fraud to create a new account, account takeover, identity theft for commercial purposes, etc.). McAfee Total Protection provides 24/7 monitoring of your email addresses, bank accounts, and over 60 types of personal information.

File shredder

McAfee Total Protection's built-in file shredder completes the protection of your identity and data privacy by permanently deleting important files from your computer: an ideal solution for tax documents, financial information and other sensitive personal files. This way, your files can no longer be recovered by specialised software, unlike a classic deletion or even a disk formatting.

Password Manager

An increasing number of websites and online services require login details and passwords, often leading to the use of passwords that are far too simple to remember, and even worse, to the use of the same password everywhere, making it much easier for hackers to access all your information in just a few minutes. McAfee Total Protection's built-in password manager allows you to securely store and manage all of your online passwords in a single location. This allows you to have complex and unique passwords for each site and online service, while only having to remember one: the password manager, which automatically fills in the required login credentials.

Illustration Password Manager
Performance Optimisation

Forget about the days when antivirus software slowed down your computer. Automated tools that help your computer run faster and more efficiently so you can focus on what really matters are now built into McAfee Total Protection. These include optimising your PC's performance, deleting cookies and temporary files, and even pausing unwanted auto-playing videos so you can enjoy a smoother experience on your PC, save bandwidth, and improve your battery life.

Parental control illustration
Parental Control (Exclusively on McAfee+ Premium Familial and Advanced Familial)

Whether at home, school or away, children are exposed to many things and risks on the Internet. So it's important to use parental control software to help keep them safe, even when you can't be around them. Safe Family Parental Controls built into McAfee Total Protection is a tool that allows you to manage your children's Internet use by including features such as website and content filtering, screen time management, application blocking, geolocation and more.

Protection score

Knowing your security level is an essential first step to a safer online life.

The built-in protection score in McAfee Total Protection checks your level of online security and provides simple instructions for quickly configuring your protection to close the gaps in your online security across all your devices.

Customized tips illustration
Account analysis and online information
Account analysis and online information (McAfee+ Premium and Advanced only)

This exclusive new McAfee+ Premium allows you to get help deleting your personal information from old online accounts that still hold it. Simply enter your Gmail or Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, etc.) email address to find your online accounts and their level of risk, so you can decide which ones to keep and which to delete. With a single click, automated data deletion requests are sent for the accounts you choose.
McAfee+ Premium also helps prevent your personal information from being sold online by searching for your personal information on high-risk data broker sites in order to remove it.

Icon Help with identity restoration and wallet theft (McAfee+ Advanced only)

McAfee solutions include a number of preventive technologies to prevent the theft of personal data that could later lead to the theft/usurpation of your identity. If, unfortunately, you are nevertheless the victim of such a situation, for example following a physical theft of your identity documents rather than an online theft, McAfee experts are at your disposal to help you with the many steps you need to take to restore your identity, limit the consequences, particularly financial, and even renew your identity documents.

Help with identity restoration and wallet theft
Ease of use illustration
Ease of use

You don't need to be an expert in computers, let alone cyber security. McAfee Total Protection lets you connect all your computers and smartphones and manage them easily from a single dashboard. Personalized advice will also help you set up the solution in the best possible way, adapted to your needs and uses.

Technical support

When you buy McAfee Total Protection, you get a dedicated security team to help you when you need it. McAfee's security experts are at your side 24/7 to ensure your peace of mind in any situation you may face.

Technical Support Illustration
Why protect yourself?
  • Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8.1 with all patches (32 and 64 bit).
  • macOS 10.15 and later (earlier version covers macOS 10.12 - 10.14 but with some options removed)
  • Google Android 7 or later smartphones and tablets
  • Apple smartphones and tablets iOS 13 or later
  • ChromeOS