PaintShop Pro Ultimate

PaintShop Pro Ultimate
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Photo editing software & bonus collection
  • AI HDR Studio
  • Sea-to-Sky™ Workspace
  • PhotoMirage™ Express
  • Painter® Essentials™ 8
  • Corel® AfterShot™ 3
  • Corel® Creative Collection

Editor : Corel
Platform : Windows
license : 1 device
Language : English
Photo editing software & bonus collection

Main features

  • AI HDR Studio
  • Sea-to-Sky™ Workspace
  • PhotoMirage™ Express
  • Painter® Essentials™ 8
  • Corel® AfterShot™ 3
  • Corel® Creative Collection

Features :
PaintShop Pro Ultimate

Discover a world full of creative possibilities that will bring your photography and graphic designs to life. PaintShop® Pro 2021 Ultimate offers a comprehensive, user-inspired toolset that allows you to easily edit, enhance, and correct photos with exclusive features powered by artificial intelligence. Access an exclusive bonus pack of premium software, including Sea-to-Sky Workspace™, AI HDR Studio, Painter® Essentials™ 8, PhotoMirage™ Express, and Corel® AfterShot™ 3, plus an exclusive creative collection, all assembled with your specific needs in mind. Depend on PaintShop Pro to deliver everything you need to transform your photos into something amazing, original, and truly personal. Make it Brilliant. Make it PaintShop Pro.

Powerful photography tools and features

Depend on a versatile range of professional image editing tools to make every shot, the best shot.

  • Essential tools – Easily crop and resize photos using composition guides, Golden Ratio or Rule of Thirds. Restore and repair old photos with the Scratch Remover and Fade Correction tools to enhance contrast and color to faded photos.
  • Adjustment tools – Enhance photos to the fullest with Brightness and Contrast tools, Fill Light and Clarity, Fade Correction, White Balance, Hue and Saturation, Noise Removal, Vibrancy, Sharpening, color correction, and tonal levels and curves.
  • Selection and Correction tools – Isolate the area you want to select with a variety of Selection tools and enhance your selection with the Refine Brush. Automatically correct distortions, vignetting and chromatic aberrations in your photos with Lens Correction tools. Use the Straighten tool to fix a crooked horizon, or the Perspective Correction tool to make a photo appear as though it was taken from a different angle.
  • RAW, HDR and 360° photo control – Manage and save metadata in your RAW files with PaintShop Pro’s RAW Lab and correct problem areas, such as recovering blown highlights or adjusting shadows, resulting in a higher quality final image. Combine several photos of the same scene with different exposures to create one stunning HDR photo. PaintShop Pro’s HDR tools let you access a broader tonal range for a breathtaking final image.
  • Time saving tools – Reduce repetition and accelerate complex photo-editing actions by recording Scripts and automate edits on multiple photos at once with batch processing like adding a watermark, picture frame, or simply resizing.
  • Layers and masks – Layers and masks are essential for advanced image editing, compositing and graphic design. Use multiple, non-destructive layers when editing images to create photo composites with ease. Create masks to hide or show parts of a layer, fade between layers, and to create special effects with precision.
  • Text tools – Add text to images to create interesting projects, like a meme or a picture quote. Adjust fonts, size, style, alignment, leading, and kerning with a complete set of typography tools.
  • Drawing, painting and fill tools – Paint with new built-in brushes, or import Adobe Photoshop brushes to bring your digital designs to life. Draw with vector illustration tools, and use color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes to take your designs to the next level.
  • Templates and creative content – Access a wide range of built-in templates to create collages, greeting cards, social media images, web banners, brochures, business cards and more.

What's new?

Behind every show-stopping image is real intelligence. Highly effective features and tools powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology make creating something truly original, achievable.

  • NEW! Highlight Reel — Create quick videos and show off the highlights of your latest adventure with new smart movie creator.
  • NEW! Corel® MultiCam Capture™ Lite — Create engaging videos and record screen and webcam simultaneously.
  • NEW! Frame Tool — A fast and flexible way to place images into shapes.
  • NEW! AI Background Replacement — Easily detect, select, and replace backgrounds.
  • NEW! AI Portrait mode — Automatically apply a bokeh blur to the background of your portraits.
  • IMPROVED! AI Style Transfer — Transform your photos into stylized works of art with AI. NEW Smooth Image and Color Match options!
  • NEW! Apple iPhone HEIF image support — Open and edit iPhone photos saved in high-efficiency image files (HEIC, HIF).
  • NEW! Workspace Tab — Learn about multiple workspace options in the Welcome screen.
  • NEW! Brushes, color palettes, gradients, patterns and picture tubes mdash; Expand your creativity!
  • IMPROVED! Increase max value of commands — Improved large dimension support for drop shadows, bevels, brushstrokes, textures and more.

Ultimate bonus pack

  • AI HDR Studio
  • Sea-to-Sky Workspace
  • PhotoMirage Express
  • Painter® Essentials 8
  • Corel® AfterShot 3
  • Corel® Creative Collection
  • Platform: Windows 11 & 10 - 64 bits
  • Intel® Celeron G series or AMD® Phenom II and above
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 3GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1366 x 768 resolution
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